Gigantic Canada

June 25, 2016

Now I think everyone knows that when it comes to traveling Canada there really are an endless amount of options because Canada is simply such a gigantic country, and it actually is the second largest country in the entire world. I mean you really could go all the way up the islands area of Canada near the Arctic Circle and see the biggest tundra climate in the entire world or you can stay further south in the country and see the Rocky Mountains and the gigantic mountains that collide all over the area in the southern regions of the country. Canada really is one of the most beautiful places on the entire planet.

And I think it is sometimes kind of weird that it doesn’t always get the credit that it deserves, but just like a lot of Canadians like it Canada has been relatively kept secret, until now. We are here to help you out with any of your questions or needs when you start to think about travelling through Canada you may need to use kent towing at some point, and this is the whole point of all of these articles and I think they are here and they are actually really important in terms of getting the job done in telling you where the best places in Canada to travel to are, and that is exactly what we are about to continue with this article in particular, and for this next paragraph we are going to be specifically talking about one of the most interesting cities in all of the country through Quebec City.

Quebec City is definitely one the most interesting cities in all of Quebec and it definitely has a ton of French influence all over the city in that the entire city looks like it is from Europe and some of the buildings are a couple hundred years old as well and have stood strong easily. That’s part of what makes a place like Quebec City such a must see spot in Canada while travelling and that is because it will give you the vibe of an Austrian or French Alps city, but it just so happens to be in Canada and is still really cool if not even better than some of those European areas. So if you do decide to go to Quebec City then I definitely think you have to spend a considerable amount of time in Old Quebec, and this is the area of the city where there will be a bunch of old stone buildings and it will make you feel like you’ve gone to Europe of just back in time casually, and of course this is the heart and soul of Quebec City and there are just a lot of fun things to see and do in this area of the city. Another really great thing that a lot of people should do while in this city is simply drive about nine miles north of Old Quebec and go to the Montmorency Falls Park, and I think you or anyone really would be completely taken away from how huge this waterfall is because it really is gigantic and is definitely worth going to if you are in Quebec City. So this city is definitely a city but it also is right near some extremely amazing waterfalls that you can’t really get any better than unless you are in some other areas of Canada, but yes this water fall is rally big, not as big as Niagara, but definitely a waterfall worth driving to.

But yes this city of Quebec City is a shopper’s dream city and it definitely has a lot to offer just in general as a city, so I hope you really liked reading about this city and you have a little bit more information about travelling Canada.

Why Canada Is The Place To Go?

March 15, 2016

When we think of travelling in North America I think a lot of people start thinking about the Caribbean Sea or Central America because these areas tend to be very beautiful tropical areas, and of course a lot of people like travel around in the United States, but for some weird reason not that many people are into travelling around Canada and the funny part about all of this is that Canada is probably the coolest area of the travel around in North America and if you are the type of person who is maybe an American and you want your family to experience a different culture without spending a small fortune to get you to Europe or somewhere like that then you definitely are going to find a great travel destination all through Canada.

The thing is that Canada is so chalk full of great nature and just awesome mountains and villages that it really does become an endless land of nature and beauty all around you, and although it kind of is pretty far north and maybe there aren’t a lot of people as compared to the United States but that still doesn’t mean that Canadian people aren’t awesome and even the lack of people in Canada really helps out when it comes to getting away from everything out in some of the more beautiful natural areas of the country, but of course there are huge cities all around Canada where there are a lot of people and one of the bigger cities in the country, which is the next area of the country that we are going to talk about, Toronto, is definitely one of the best places to go visit in all of Canada, and you are for sure going to have a wonderful time when you go to a city like Toronto. So what we are going to be talking about throughout all of this article in particular are the most fun things to do within the city of Toronto so if you just so happen to be planning a trip to Toronto then you have definitely come to the right place because this is all about Toronto and the most fun things to do while you are there.

So one of the top things to do in all of Toronto is to go to the park where there are the Toronto Islands, and the thing is that Toronto is a really big city, but you can temporarily get out of that big city vibe and still do something really nature oriented right outside of the city borders by taking a ferry ride to these islands, and I think that this huge park of islands is one of the top things to do in all of Toronto and is definitely a must do thing if you are in this city. You can rent a limo bus so that you don’t have to worry about getting lost or parking. The next really cool thing to do in Toronto is to go to the Distillery District, and I think for the most part this is a fun area to go out at night with your friends and go to a few bars and famous breweries and get really drunk and stuff like that, so of course Toronto has a good little night life and this area of the town is definitely one of the best spots to go out drinking in the evenings so check it out when you’re planning on getting wasted in Toronto next time coming up.

Toronto is also home to a lot of great markets that are great for shopping of all types and consumerism in general, and of course that is a pretty fun thing to do when you are travelling Canada so while you travel Canada definitely make it an effort to check out the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, which is seriously gigantic and makes Philadelphia’s markets seem miniscule but of course there are a lot of people that will be there so it is going to be big time tourist attraction, but that’s what you want right? If you just so happen to be travelling Canada then you want to see some people in Toronto before you venture out into the wilderness where you won’t see anyone for days at a time.





Canada Is Bigger And Better

March 10, 2016

We all know that the United States is definitely a really interesting spot in the world but of course we all know that when it comes to a lot of natural beauty in the world the United States definitely does have a ton of great places to go see, and they generally are in high altitude places and in the northern areas of the country. Of course not all of the great places in the United States are in the northern regions, but I’m just saying that for the most part if you go up north in America towards areas like Montana and Wyoming and even Oregon and Washington you are going to see some truly magical and awesome forests and mountains and it will be some of the most beautiful places you have been to in the United States guaranteed.

Now when it comes to a country like Canada you should put the northern regions of the United States and then times those by three because everything in Canada is bigger and is just how it goes, and when it comes to the mountains and lakes and natural landscapes Canada has the United States beat by a mile because the mountains in Canada are seriously breathtaking, so the only place in the United States that can really compare is Alaska, and that technically used to be a part of Canada until the United States government bought it from the Canadians.

But the point of me saying all of this it to talk up Canada because for the most part we must understand that Canada is one of the coolest places on the planet and for the most part people don’t really see Canada as this but that just means that they are missing out. For Americans they think that they need to go really far away to get a foreign adventure trip but the truth is that Canada can offer this type of adventure for the whole family and it is a lot cheaper to drive to Canada and somewhat a lot more fun than going somewhere really foreign and spending a ton of money. So what we are doing throughout these articles is just talking about the best places in Canada to travel to, and by going in depth about the best travel destinations in Canada we can help people who are interested in travelling Canada by telling them some of the most beautiful places to go in the entire country.

So maybe you are looking to get the type of experience of the Swiss Alps, well then you don’t have to go all the way to Switzerland to get something that is extremely similar when you can just go up to an area in Canada called Banff. And of course Banff is kind of a funny word for a beautiful place but it really is one of the most beautiful places in the entire country of Canada with majestic wildlife everywhere and really green and luscious forests right next to towering mountains that look very similar to the Alps. Many of these mountains flow right into really beautiful lakes so in the summer months Banff is a great spot to go fishing and canoeing and doing things around the lakes, and of course the hiking in Banff is world class to say the very least.

There is the Banff National Park, which is one of the best parks in the entire world and definitely can offer a bunch of fun to anyone who is travelling in the area. There are also a lot of great ski resorts in this area of the country so if you are into skiing this is a great spot to go during the winters that most likely have better conditions than mountains in the USA and definitely has a lot of skiable terrain above the tree line which is obviously really epic. Hotels are very luxurious in this area and are definitely for the family travelers who are trying to have a nice place to stay while travelling in Banff and for the cheaper poor people who are into the outdoors the camping areas in Banff are the best of the best, and you definitely won’t be disappointed when camping around this area of Canada.

Of Montreal

March 8, 2016

When it comes to all of the great places to travel around the world I think a lot of people forget about how much fun it is to go to places in North America and the truth is that North America really is a great part of the world and sometimes people from this area of the world take North America for granted and always want to go some other places and do different things, but of course when it comes down to it a lot of us understand that we live in a magical part of the world and maybe a lot of us who live in the southern regions of the territory do experience great weather but we also should want to get out up north and see the great and wonderful nature that is in the northern parts of our territory, and when it comes to going to the northern area of North America you probably already know what that means.

Ah, yes, the great and mighty country of Canada, and although a lot of Americans make fun of Canada the truth is that Canada is such a beautiful country full of nature and wonderful natural landscapes and it definitely is not as populated and a lot greener than the United States. If you think about it there definitely are a lot of cities in Canada but the southern parts of the country primarily are huge mountains and dense forests similar to what you would see in states like Montana and Wisconsin, but of course as you go further north in Canada you start to get to some of the colder areas of the entire world and definitely there aren’t so many people or tourist destinations up towards the top of Canada but it still is one of the last tundras on the planet and that is really special because this tundra of Canada is a really interesting ecosystem and definitely is all about the wilderness and being out in nature.

Now what we are doing with these articles is going through all of the best places in Canada and talking about them in depth in order to help people who want to travel Canada get to some of the best destinations in the country, and of course there are a lot of really great destinations and we definitely couldn’t fit all of these destinations into all of these articles so we had to just pick our very favorite places in Canada and put them into specific articles. So if you are thinking about traveling up to Canada then you definitely are in an interesting place online because for the most part we are going to be talking about some of the best places to go travel in and throughout Canada so that will definitely help you as you plan your trip to travel Canada.

So the next really great destination spot that we are going to talk about that is a great spot to travel in Canada is the city of Montreal that is on the eastern side of Canada, and I think it is important to understand that Montreal is actually a really interesting area of Canada because it is in the French area of Canada so a lot of people speak solely French in Montreal although if you can speak only English you should be fine travelling around in Montreal so don’t worry if you can’t speak French, but still it’s a really interesting culture in Montreal.

Of course there are some really new buildings and skyscrapers in Montreal, but there is also a lot of older traditional buildings in Montreal, and of course it is in an overall beautiful area of Canada right near a bunch of great mountains and forests that are great for hiking during the summer and skiing during the winter. I think that for the most part Montreal is a great spot in Canada as a city destination because you can go into the city and definitely experience the city life, but you can easily get out of the city into the mountains and go skiing at places like Mount Tremblant and other really cool ski resorts that are right outside Montreal and are awesome areas for traveling in Can

Traveling In Canada

March 6, 2016

When it comes to going to places around the world a lot of Americans think that they need to go to far away places like Europe or Asia to experience some really fun tourist attractions and to get to know the world better, and for the most part yes these places and parts of the world are absolutely fantastic but they are also really expensive and hard to get to and from, especially if you aren’t really rich and you want to take your entire family on a vacation to a different country. A lot parents definitely want their kids to experience different cultures for a variety of reasons and of course it is good for all people to experience different cultures but of course it is also really expensive to go to really far away places without a ton of money. Now a really good, less expensive way to travel abroad is to go to place like Canada, which for Americans is always just a drive north, and this can actually be a really great decision and you can definitely understand that by going to Canada you can have a great family vacation and definitely experience a different type of culture and their definitely are a bunch of different subcultures all across the vast country of Canada. You should definitely take into consideration that Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world, and in fact it is the second biggest country behind Russia, but it definitely is a really cool place and there is a lot going on all over Canada. Obviously it is extremely beautiful all across the country of Canada, and so what we are going to do throughout all of these articles is to help you narrow down your Canada travels so that traveling Canada is a lot easier said than done, but of course that doesn’t mean we can not help you figure out the best spots to go to, and we definitely know the best spots. So if you are thinking about planning a trip and traveling Canada then you definitely are in the right spot because this entire list of articles is all about traveling Canada and that means that we are going to go in great details about the best places to go throughout one of the best countries in the world, and that definitely means that all of us are in the same boat as we go to the great country of Canada.


So the first place that we are going to talk about in these lists of articles about traveling Canada is the city of Vancouver, and I think for the most part I think everyone will agree that Vancouver is one of the best cities in all of Canada, and maybe the entire world. When you go to a city like Vancouver you all of a sudden will start to take on a whole different perspective on what it means to be in a big city, but of course Vancouver is also a city in which huge mountains and awesome beaches and island all co-exist so it definitely is a city about getting outside and in nature away from the city, and that is part of what makes this place such a magical city to go visit and live in. Of course some of the best skiing in the world is right outside Vancouver and a lot of us understand that when you go to visit and travel Canada there is a lot to do in the great outdoors and that is exactly what Vancouver will offer all of the travelers that come to this city that is definitely one of the best cities in the entire world.